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The Toilet Training Book - Angela Zigann

The Toilet Training Book

Easy and fun parenting guide with everything you need to know from preparation - through training - to implementation

Does toilet training sound like that major scary task you would love to skip?

And you don't want to read a novel length book to know what to do?

This short, easy and fun guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your little one potty trained in a child- and development-orientated way.

Clara and her Potty - Angela Zigann

Clara and her Potty

toilet training book for toddlers

Learning how to use the potty and getting rid of diapers once and for all is a major step for a child.

As they don't even know what's waiting for them on the other side, children need role models to help them grasp the idea and build the excitement and confidence to conquer the new world and skills.
Clara, the hero of our story, will support your child ... 

Think and you shall receive - Angela Zigann

Think and you shall receive!

This practical guide on the Law of Attraction will show you how to direct your thoughts so that you get whatever you desire.

‚Think and grow rich‘ kisses pragmatism.'
You want to know what the secret behind the law of attraction is and how to change your life for the better? But you don’t want to study a couple of hundred pages?

Then this quick and practical guide is for you!

It shows you how to direct your thoughts so that you get exactly what you want.

Let this book capture your mind:  After an essential journey into the law of attraction ...

Christmas Stories for Kids - Angela Zigann

Christmas Stories for Kids

This little book of winter time stories will make the time leading to the big day a little shorter and sweeter for your child (ages 3 to 6).

Christmas time is so much more than just the Christmas day.

This little book of Christmas stories will make the time leading to the big day a little shorter and sweeter for your child (ages 3 to 6).

And what's next?

In the beginning of the year I made this wild plan, which unfortunately I already had to cut down. But still, there's heaps in the pipeline for you!

The next book will be the start of my Dream Travel Series. These are bedtime or relaxation stories for kids as well as grown ups. The stories of the first book is set under the sea, with enchanting underwater creatures, sparkling coral reefs and relax-citing little adventures.

After that, we might meet with Clara once again. That could be a Halloween story, for example. This is where my ideas are still running a riot.

And then there will definitely be a sequel to the 'Christmas Stories for Kids'. The first book got so much love, that I'm going to add a few more stories.

In case you wanna take a look at that wild plan I made ... check me out on Insta. I pinned that post to the top.

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